Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold growth behind baseboard molding

It is very important to always remove the baseboard during water damage mitigation. If the base molding is not removed, the moisture behind the baseboard is tra... READ MORE


The homeowner noticed the small water stain kept on getting larger so he called SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont to assist him. SERVPRO removed a small section of t... READ MORE

Slow leak in pipe causes extensive damage

The Parkers could no longer close the basement door. A slow leak in a pipe behind the wall caused the door to swell preventing it from opening. The Parkers call... READ MORE

Thick mold growing on inside basement wall

The customer noticed a funny smell coming from the basement. There were a few black spots on one of the walls. The customer called our franchise to do a mold as... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in the classroom

The downspouts around the school didn’t have splash blocks to divert the water form around=d the foundation. Water would seep into the basement classroom ... READ MORE

Roof Leak causes mold at a social club in Cambridge, MA

The roof at a social club in Belmont, MA had an ongoing leak that caused water to drip down into the basement. Every time it rained, water ran down into the mus... READ MORE