Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Horiffic Monday Morning Mayhem

This is what one business owner walked into Monday morning at his office. There was a water main pipe break underneath the floor that flooded the whole first fl... READ MORE

Clean up under court

There was a flood that took place and were called into rip up the floors and dry. We replaced some of the floor that could not be salvaged.  

Water damage in finished basement

Sarah was attempting to take a shower but she couldn't get any hot water. She had a hot water heater let go before so her suspicion was that the hot water heate... READ MORE

Family room sustains heavy water damage

The homeowner came home from work and had an unpleasant surprise. A pipe broke on the second floor and poured down continuously into the family room. Parts of t... READ MORE

Flooded basement caused by a hot water heater.

The Millers noticed that they had no hot water. They went down the basement to see what the problem was. They discovered the basement was covered in water. They... READ MORE

Water damage in the office

Imagine coming to your office and seeing you desk area covered in water. If you are a property manager or maintenance supervisor at a commercial, industrial or ... READ MORE

Pipe break cause basement flooding.

A pipe break on the first floor caused the basement to quickly fill up with water. The homeowner called a friend and asked "what do I do"? The friend said to ca... READ MORE