Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Piano keys after soot damage cleaning

SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont has many resources to assist you after you have had a fire or soot damage. If we can not clean an item in your house, we have resources to get the job done.

Charred bureau after a fire

Although the bureau was never directly touched by a flame, the intense heat charred the bureau leaving this unusual imprint. SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont can usually clean most items after a fire however some items are not cleanable.

distorted canoe after a house fire

A fire in a house will cause the house to become very hot pretty quickly. According to studies a house can heat up to 1200 degrees in 10 minutes or less. This canoe was in the basement when the house caught fire. The canoe became warped and could not be salvaged.

Ozone chamber set up in the shop

The contents from a fire usually contain a lingering odor. After we clean the contents, they need to be deodorized to eliminate the sooty smell. SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont finds treatment from an ozone machine to be the most effective way to get rid of odors. The chamber allows the ozone machine to concentrate on eliminating the odors emanating from the sooty contents, giving the contents a fresh smell.

Soot cleanup on a ceiling

SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont uses poles with extenders to reach those high & out of reach areas when cleaning soot. The use of poles makes it safer for the technicians as they do not have to use ladders.

Chem Sponges are an effective method of removing soot.

Chem Sponges are actually composed of heavy duty vulcanized natural rubber are a very effective way of removing soot from walls, ceilings, upholstered chairs and sofas. SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont also uses them to test a house for soot penetration.