Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Monday morning surprise

The office manager opened up Monday morning only to discover a disaster had occurred over the weekend. A pipe had broken in an upper floor causing extensive dam... READ MORE

Pipe break causes water damage to offices.

The facilities manager got the call in the middle of the night. There was a pipe break on the 2nd floor and water had poured down into the offices on the first ... READ MORE

Retail store sustain water damage

The store manager received a call in the middle of the night; the store was flooded due to a broken pipe. The plumber had repaired the pipe but now he needed a ... READ MORE

Sprinkler head causes damage to local business.

Workers were fixing the ceiling when one of the workers broke a sprinkler head flooding the office. The property manager of the commercial building called SERVP... READ MORE

Jewelry Store in Cambridge, MA sustains a water damage from roof leak

In February water poured through the ceiling of a jewelry store in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. The owner walked in the door on Friday, saw the damage and w... READ MORE

Pipe break in Cambridge, MA

A pipe break in the sprinkler system created several inches of standing water in this Cambridge business. SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont worked around the clock t... READ MORE